• Global New Drug Technology Institute
Global New Drug
Research Institute
  • Global New Drug
    Research Institute
  • Skin Science
    Research Team
  • Development of Cell
    Therapy Products Team
  • Molecular-targeted New Drug
    Development Team

Our goal is

“Global New Drug Development and Realization of Healthy World based on the core biotechnology."
Global New Drug Research Institute of GENECELLPHARM is a R&D center for disease conquest with up-to-date bio technology and master and doctor level of researchers. We do efforts of developing an innovative new bio drug for overcoming aging diseases and skin diseases since established in 2005 under the goal of ‘Development of Global New Drug and Realization of Healthy Life based on the core bio technology’. Global New Drug Research Institute is composed of Skin Medical Science Research Team, Cell Therapy Product Development Team and Molecular-targeted New Drug Development Team, and does efforts to develop safer and more efficacy molecular-targeted new drug and natural substance drug with global level based on the unique research technology.