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GENECELLPHARM is a global BIO RESEARCH COMPANY for healthy life of people.

GENECELLPHARM Co., Ltd. has grown every year on the bio technology basis since established in 2012, and operates the worldwide top level institutes; Global New Ingredient Development Institute, Korea Institute for Skin and Clinical Sciences and Global New Drug Institute. We have grown steadily through cosmetics ingredients, functional industrial materials and drugs based on superior research technology.

GENECELLPHARM Co., Ltd. has researchers with masters and doctors related to bio technology and the best research environment with up-to-date facility and analysis equipment. And we have expanded to diverse business areas based on biotechnology.

And also we are the only institute in Korea doing co-research with an advisory organization of CFDA, and are building the global network for leading the market with endless innovation and technology.

GENECELLPHARM Co., Ltd. will become a global company through continuous and innovative research development.